We’re building We Make: a craft-focused, maker-led social platform

Help shape the direction

We’re developing an online space for our maker community oriented around sharing and discovering handcraft. We’re calling it We Make and the focus is two-fold:

1) support makers to craft their best work by connecting them with the people who support it, and

2) enable the world to discover it.

Over the last several months, our priorities have been influenced by one-on-one conversations with makers. Now, we’re opening the discussion to the larger community to further refine the details and direction. Please consider commenting next to a point that stands out to you or enter your general comments at the end.

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Building We Make: Underlying Assumptions

As we consider together what We Make could become, here are some considerations that have been foundational so far. This is a work-in-progress so community input definitely influences the direction.

Underlying Assumptions

Handcraft has the possibility to not just make our days nicer but to influence our experience of the world and each other.

As makers, sharing and seeing images of each others’ work can help us make even better work.

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